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'Hybrid' Stand Alone PV System

Hybrid Solar Electric System diagram

A Hybrid Stand-Alone PV system is similar to a true Stand-Alone PV System with the addition of a fuel-powered generator back-up. The systems consists of an array of solar panels that charge a bank of deep-cycle batteries. A charge controller makes sure that the batteries do not overcharge. When power is needed in your home, electricity is drawn from the batteries and transformed with an inverter into standard 240 volt household power.

When the batteries are over-drawn and there is not enough sun available to recharge them with the solar panels, the generator can be used to charge the battery bank using a high-capacity charger. While it is running, the home is also powered using electricity from the generator.

The system is independent of the utility grid, but still relies on fossil-fuel to make up the shortfall.

For more information about any components in our systems, please check out the descriptions of System Components in the menu to the right.

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